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tuesday, february 27

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Networking Breakfast / New Attendee Orientation

9am - 9:30am
Opening Remarks and Welcome
Les Thomassen
State of Georgia
NASTD Southern Region President

Jim Purcell
State of Alabama
Acting Secretary of Information Technology

9:30am - 10:15am
State Report - MISSISSIPPI

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Networking Break

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Technology Session - Panel Discussion

Dynamic Operations: Readying for Multi-Provider IT Service Delivery

Increasingly, state government IT services are delivered not by a single source, but by a slate of service providers. That can bring more service options and flexibility, but it also brings more complexity. To be effective, the approach requires integration across the family of providers. And, it pivots on engaging customers on service decisions. Any state traveling this path can anticipate its IT shop will need certain essentials solidly in place: governance, processes, organizational structure, and procurement tactics that suit a multi-provider environment.

Moderator: Patrick Moore, Partner, Integris Applied

Dean Johnson, COO, Georgia Technology Authority, State of Georgia
John Hoffman, CTO, Department of Information Resources, State of Texas
Phil Habuda, VP, Capgemini

Karen Robinson, Principal, KWR Acuity Strategies

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11:30am - 12pm
Association Update and Annual Conference Preview
Pat Snow,
Chief Technology Officer
State of South Dakota
NASTD President

John Hoffman,
Technology Officer, Department of Information Resources
State of Texas
NASTD Vice President/Conference Program Chair

12pm - 1pm

1pm - 1:45pm
State Report - ARKANSAS

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1:45pm - 2:30pm

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Networking Break

3pm - 4pm
Technology Session - Panel Discussion

Managed Network Services in Today’s IT Marketplace

Any recipe for success in network services today has to provide access, speed and efficiency. You see it in appetites for more expansive broadband networks, new mobile networks, and software-defined networking, as just a few examples. This panel of state government network services leaders describe how they’re cooking up the right mix for their respective states and effectively managing increasingly complex networks.


Charlie Zeberlein, Network Services Manager, Div. of Technology Operations, State of South Carolina

Jon Minshew, Chief Customer Officer, Dept. of Information Technology, State of North Carolina
Anthonie Gross, Network and Security Operations Manager, State of Tennessee

Steve Pyle, Assistant Director of Ops and Engineering, Department of Information Resources, State of Texas

4pm - 4:45pm
State Report - ALABAMA

5:30pm - 6:30pm
Diamond Sponsor Reception
(invitation only)
Diamond sponsors and state members

6:30pm - 7:30pm
Peer-to-Peer Networking

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WEDNESDAY, february 28

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Speed Networking

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10:15am - 11am

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11am - 12pm
Technology Session - Panel Discussion

Information Security Strategies and Tools to Defend Against a Growing Threat

With some states experiencing hundreds of millions of attacks daily, cyber security threats demand attention. That attention has to come not just in the form of data center and network defenses, but right down to the level of the computer end user who must click responsibly. It may be a tired phrase, but with information security it’s certainly true – it’s a team effort. State government security professionals discuss how they’re mobilizing a coordinated defense against cyber threats that morph as quickly as they’re recognized.


Billy Rials, Enterprise Architect, Dept. of IT Services, State of Mississippi

Ryan Allen, CISO, Office of Information Technology, State of Alabama 
Vinod Brahmapuram, Deputy CISO, State of South Carolina
Lance Laettner, Security Architect, State of Arkansas 

12pm - 1pm

1pm - 1:45pm
State Report - TENNESSEE

1:45pm - 2:45pm
Technology Session

Waaaay Out Of This World – Technology At NASA

Todd May, Director, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

You think of disciplines rooted in technology, and the space program likely pops to mind. For decades, NASA has pioneered technologies and developed pioneering uses of technology. The very nature of their mission requires cutting edge thinking and tools. Technology literally keeps them on the launchpad, and above it. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center Director Todd May discusses how NASA harnesses technology to get where they’re going.

2:45pm - 3pm
Networking Break

3pm - 3:45pm
State Report - GEORGIA

3:45pm - 4:30pm
State Report - TEXAS

NASTD Dinner Event
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The Southern

thursday, march 1

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State Only Business Meeting