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L-Podcast Episode 002 - Anne L Hardwick, immediate past chair of the Corporate Affiliate Committee of the National Association of State Technology Directors.

By Guy Clinch posted 09-13-2013 15:06


Welcome to the second in a continuing series of discussions with thought leaders who are bringing new and innovative solutions to the challenges government faces in delivering services to the citizen.

In this episode my guest  is Anne L Hardwick, immediate past chair of the Corporate Affiliate Committee.

Anne Hardwick

In her career Anne has worked for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce doing extensive television studio production work in the Chamber's state-of-the art facilities in Washington, DC.

Anne then served a long career with the Commonwealth of Virginia first as the manager of Telemedia Operations rising to the position of Associate Director of Telecommunications and Network Services.

Today Anne works with AVI-SPL to grow a strong relationship between AVI-SPL and the NASTD membership. She and her husband are also proprietors at the Tanglewood Ordinary Restaurant, “Home of  ‘Grandmother's Sunday Dinner’ …and more.”

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Anne describes the National Association of State Technology Directors organization and tells a bit about the organization's history. Anne talks about her history with NASTD that goes back to her time as a state member representing the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Guy asks Anne about her experiences in leadership roles. Anne first tells of her tenure as a state member functioning as the Eastern Region President. Over the past several years Anne has returned to the organization representing various commercial organizations.  Anne's achievements include being elected to represent the Corporate Affiliate Committee in various leadership roles culminating in her recent term as Chairperson.
Anne describes the function of the Corporate Affiliate Committee. She talks about a number of the companies who are corporate affiliates members of NASTD and how the Corporate Affiliate Committee relates to the state membership and supports the organization. Anne talks about the benefits that the organizations she has represented have accrued and how she has benefited personally from involvement and membership of the NASTD organization.


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