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Fourth Annual Community Involvement Project

By Guy Clinch posted 07-16-2012 18:51


Dear colleagues, associates and friends:

We are just a few short weeks away from the 35th Annual NASTD Conference and Technology Showcase and this year’s annual community involvement project. Volunteers have been working diligently to make this year’s contribution to Baltimore’s Western High School and the Baltimore City Public Schools our most successful effort to date. I am writing to remind you about our past successes, tell you about the momentum we have gained already this year and enroll those of you who are ready to join your fellow NASTD members in this worthy effort.

The 2012 event marks the fourth successful year in which NASTD members will come together to serve the community playing host to us during our annual event. You will remember that we added community involvement activities during the 2009 annual conference with a successful first effort contributing money, technology, school supplies and career advice to students of the Information Technology Academy at Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery, Alabama. The following year members generously donated money to help the Disabled Veterans of Portland, Oregon.  Last year our combined efforts raised over $1,700 in proceeds that were donated to Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. Students from the school also received career advice from many of us during their tour of the Technology Showcase. They also attended the keynote session and spent much of the day with NASA Astronaut and Nebraska Native, Clayton Anderson.

This year our momentum is strong as we have already raised a significant amount in preconference donations. Member organizations have donated items of significant value and volunteers are collecting other items of value from local businesses that will be used in our silent auction during the conference.

Whether you will be in Baltimore or not, you can help.  One way is an online donation. NASTD has set up a webpage that will allow you to make an online contribution of any amount that will go directly to Baltimore’s Western High School. Here is that link:

Another way to participate is to make a donation of an item that can be auctioned. You might also make a call to a business who is willing to donate an item of value that can be auctioned. If you are going to join us in Baltimore there will be many ways that you can participate including bidding on one of the great items as well as digging deep as we pass the hat. Any other constructive actions and innovative ideas of how we can increase our positive impact on the community of Baltimore are also appreciated.

Over the years NASTD has become much more too many of us than the first class professional organization of which it is a vibrant example. We share a camaraderie and kinship in being NASTD members. It is something experienced in too few other circumstances in life.  One of the ways this is expressed is through the compassion we show for the communities we visit each year. Our example has provided leadership to other professional organizations that now follow a similar practice. Let’s take that leadership role to new heights in 2012 as we give back to Baltimore’s Western High School and the Baltimore City Public Schools.

If you have any questions, comments and positive suggestions about this year’s event, please contact me.
Would you like to learn more ways you can extend and multiply the impact of your involvement in the Fourth Annual NASTD Community Involvement Project?
Please read:
How you may Participate in the Fourth Annual NASTD Community Involvement Project

Thank you.

Best regards,