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How you may Participate in the Fourth Annual NASTD Community Involvement Project

By Guy Clinch posted 07-24-2012 14:26


Do you wish to be a part of the Fourth Annual NASTD Community Involvement Project? Are you interested in helping but will not be able to attend the conference? Are you a corporate affiliate member seeking a way to magnify your participation? The following contains a few suggestions that may help.

NASTD is partnering with the Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF) for the 2012 project to increase the benefits for Baltimore’s Western High School  and the Baltimore City Public Schools. Joining efforts with the Foundation opens the doors so that the 2012 NASTD Community Involvement Project can transcend our short stay in Baltimore during the 35th Annual Conference and Technology Showcase in a number of ways.

One aspect of the benefits of partnership with the Foundation is that BCF is a registered 501(c)(3).  This means monetary contributions made by NASTD affiliates and other donors are both tax deductible and may be eligible for corporate matching gifts programs.   Corporate matching gifts programs are a great way for NASTD members to multiply any personal contributions.  Please investigate whether your organization has a matching gifts program and leverage it to increase any personal contributions that you may make to this year’s efforts. The Baltimore Community Foundation’s Federal Identification Number is 23-7180620. A copy of BCF’s 501(c)(3) tax determination letter is available. Please contact Guy Clinch if you need a copy.

Another benefit of partnering with BCF is the ability for anyone to make a credit card contribution online. If you are interested in making an online contribution of any amount please visit BFC’s website at the donation link below. Please remember to leverage this donation with any matching gifts programs. You’ll need to determine the processes for any matching gifts program from your employer or organization.  

To donate for the benefit of the Baltimore City Public Schools through the Baltimore Community Foundation please click here.

Another way to contribute to this year’s efforts is through individual company’s corporate philanthropy programs. Please take a few minutes to investigate whether your company has a philanthropy program and whether a donation may be made. You don’t know what is possible until you ask. The first place to look is to visit your corporate home page. Other information on any philanthropic programs may be available through internal corporate intranets. We suggest you begin your search by looking up employee benefits and any pages that describe corporate participation in the community.

Taking part in Fourth Annual NASTD Community Involvement Project need not be just about money. Organizations and individuals who may wish to donate technology, start a program in the community or in other ways donate of your time, skills and efforts are all welcome. If you have innovative ideas about how to help, please contact Guy.

On behalf of the organizing committee for the Fourth Annual NASTD Community Involvement Project, thank you. Thank you to those who have been so generous in our pre event outreach. Thank you to those of you who will consider participating from afar.  Thank you to those who will come to Baltimore and be so generous with your time, efforts and financial contributions.  

Please reach out through the NASTD gateway or email if you have any individual questions, comments and suggestions about the Fourth Annual National Association of State Technology Directors Community Involvement Project.

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