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Joe Homan started his IT career path while serving in the US Air Force from June 1984 to Dec 1996.  During that time while a Law Enforcement Officer took on the role of supporting the computer systems for the Police Squadrons.  This turned into a full time position till he left the service to work fort the State of Nebraska.

Currently Joe is the Site Support Manager for State of Nebraska Office of the CIO.  He is responsible for the management of the consolidated Site Support team.  Consisting of 65 staff across the State providing Desktop support for over 40 State Agencies, County Automation, supporting over 17,000 computers and laptops.  Working with each Agency to ensure their computer needs are being addressed.

Joe has worked for the State of Nebraska for over 20 years during that time for Department of Health and Human Services he supervised the Desktop Support team for 8 years.  Managed the Customer Services area for Health and Human Services, overseeing the Level 1 and 2 Help Desks, Desktop Support, 24 Hour Facility Support, and IT Warehouse Operations for over 10 years.

Joe is an active member of HDI were he is a certified Support Center Manager.  Joe’s interests include woodworking, construction, and his involvement with the Camp Creek Threshers.  An antique farm machinery club in Waverly, Nebraska.