Pandemic Response Survey

State Government's Pandemic response:  Impacts on policy and technology

(Lexington, KY) The National Association of State Technology Directors (NASTD), which represents information technology (IT) professionals from the 50 states, through four regions, and the private sector, has released the findings of its State Government's Pandemic Response Survey of state government central IT agencies.

NASTD’s Research Committee, comprised of state government IT members, a member representative from the private sector and association staff, developed the survey questions. Thirty-eight states responded to the survey.

The survey consisted of 21 questions covering areas such as: security, workforce, network management, budget, continuity of operations, policy and governance.

NASTD Research Committee Chair John Hoffman, deputy chief information officer and chief technology officer for Texas’ Department of Information Resources summarizes the experience as follows, “The pandemic response drove significant change to how government supports constituents. The long-term impacts will be assessed for years and sharing and understanding other states’ efforts and challenges has been very helpful.”

Download the Survey Summary